On June 12th 2016 a shooting took place at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando Florida, and took 49 innocent lives and injured 53+ people.  The lives taken were our family members.  Since that day, The Pulse Ribbon Project has made close to 250,000 ribbons.  These ribbons are all over the world, being worn by people remembering the lives of our friends.  The ribbons are in 17 countries including The UK, Germany, Japan,  and Malaysia, amongst others.  The ribbons stand for LOVE and HOPE, and when you wear one, you help spread their message of “Where there is LOVE, there is HOPE”.

If you would like to support The Ribbon Project and donate so that more supplies can be purchased so we can reach out goal of 1 Million Ribbons made by The Ribbon Maker and his Ribbon Angels.  Any amount is greatly appreciated.  A 100 yard roll of rainbow ribbon costs around $19 and a box of safety pins (1 gross) goes for around $5.

Stand with me and stand with Orlando and wear your Pulse Ribbon proudly.

Thank you for your help and with your donation to purchase additional supplies.  After each order of supplies, the left over donations will be donated to The GLBT Center of Central Florida to help out their programs.
Thank you.
The Ribbon Maker